By Juliet Kahn
Barbara Gordon is for girls. This truth has been obscured over the years, most notably in the Batman: The Killing Joke, in which the classic Batgirl was shot, sexually abused and paralyzed by the Joker and taken out of costume for decades. But just as Superman stands for unimpeachable hope and Batman for rigid justice, Batgirl stands for girls doing what the hell they want. From the moment she debuted as part of the classic BatmanTV show of the 1960s, this was clear: she was a librarian, she rode a motorcycle decorated with chiffon ruffles, and she did not give a damn that Batman wanted her to hang up the glittery puple cape and cowl. She was no sweet-tempered Kyptonian cousin, no kid sister, and no swooning girlfriend. As Mike Madrid detailed in The Supergirls: Fashion, Feminism, Fantasy, and the History of Comic Book Heroines, “Batgirl is a female Batman can actually regard as a brilliant peer and a partner in the war on crime, the same way he would a male.”
In her best adventures, this ember at the core of her character is stoked to a roaring flame—her time as Oracle, the fan-favorite super-hacker and enduringly powerful symbol for disabled persons in superhero comics; her portrayal as part of the Gotham Girls webseries and Batman: The Animated Series; and Scott Beatty & Chuck Dixon and Marcos Martin’s Batgirl: Year One come to mind. But these moments are brief, because as we all know, girls don’t read comics. Mostly, Barbara—the true Barbara, as all our favorite interpretations of these imprecise characters are the “true” ones—has lain in wait, a winking promise in the hands of a good-enough creative team. I’ve waited too. I’ve waited through mediocre art and ill-chosen storylines and a reboot I’m still not unequivocally behind. Today, as vibrantly portrayed by Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher. Babs Tarr andMaris Wicks, she has arrived in DC’s Batgirl #35.

Honestly, we need to stop glossing over what led to this.
There is nothing stopping Cassandra Cain being for girls. Fuck, I’d say she is, considering she was “my” Batgirl and most of the fans of her i interact with are female.
But she’s half-Asian and disabled so DC does not give a shit.
Of lesser importance, Stephanie Brown’s Batgirl title was definitely “for girls” considering it was the tireless campaigning of women Bill Willingham wants to shoot in the face.  that bought her back in the first place. This isn’t a new thing.
DC was not thinking of girls when they took Babs out of her wheelchair. They did not give a shit about the disabled women who liked Barbara Gordon or able-bodied women like me who also liked her as Oracle. They were thinking of their boner for the 1960s.  
Is this suddenly supposed to be okay because they gave her a cute redesign and made a cute comic? That “justifies” all this? Somehow they are thinking of girls slightly now? Except they reallly aren’t.
If DC gives a shit about girls, TAKE THE KILLING JOKE OUT OF CONTINUITY at the very least. The fact they kept that shit in continuity shows they seriously don’t give a shit about Barbara Gordon. She;s still been fridged. She was still shot for Bruce and Jim’s manpain. She’s just no longer a disabled hero, so literally nothing good came from it.
Nothing justifies the loss of Oracle. they could have done this cutesy comic with Cassandra, Tiffany Fox, Stephanie…the list goes on.
I’m sick of fans forgiving. I’m sick of them forgetting. I don’t care if the new Batgirl title was printed in gold. It exists because a bunch of female characters were shit on, including Babs herself. It exists because DC doesn’t give a shit about minorities. It exists because they shit on female fans repeatedly.


When you make a reference and someone actually gets it.


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